About Us


Mark Stephens Kitchens are a national company with experience of delivering quality bespoke kitchens for over 30 years. We have fitted kitchens all over the UK.

We invite you to book a completely free of charge no-obligation kitchen design appointment with one of our trained kitchen designers. Here at Mark Stephens Kitchens we aim to make this process simpler for you. Rather than spending months searching shops and all hours surfing thousands of websites, we provide a one stop service where you can plan, design and get a quote for your perfect kitchen. It’s an investment in your home, so we work to ensure you get the best value and the right product. It’s that simple.



At Mark Stephens Kitchens deliver a comprehensive service where we can fully manage any project you may be considering, working with you to ensure that the vision yo have in mind is brought to life in the end product you receive. We offer quality modern kitchens and traditional fitted kitchens at an affordable price.

It’s never easy to plan and adapt kitchens to suit the space available. Our planners make the job so much simpler. All you need is a measuring tape to get your kitchen’s dimensions and you’re ready to get started.

If you would like to talk to a us or a qualified designer about having a fitted kitchen, or to discuss the different type of kitchens available, call us today on 01772 612613.